What is Deli-Style?


Wacky Jackz Cannabis offers interactive deli-style flower shopping. Smell your own , Pick your own bud.

Our receptionist will greet you, ask for your ID to verify age, and then open the door to let you into the shop to your Budtender. Your Budtender will direct you to the products that best fit your needs. Different strains, dosages, and variations of products all have their own abilities and effects. With the guidance of your Budtender, you can find products that help you to utilize the most optimal amount of benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. For someone that suffers from chronic pain, we would recommend products in our shop high in CBD. For someone looking for help with restoring their sleep cycle, we will recommend products that are Indica dominant that include CBN. The benefits are endless, and what some may not realize is that there are even many options that don’t have any psychoactive effects at all.

For customers that opt for flower, they will have a variety of bulk bud to smell and choose from. Your Budtender will pull nugs from the jar of your choice and weigh out, package, and label the container with you there every step of the way. There is something so enjoyable about a large jar of bud opening and filling the entire room with its pleasant and pungent aromas. It puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

Wacky Jackz does offer pre-packaged and ready to go options as well. What we have observed here at Wacky Jackz is that when given the option between deli-style and pre-packed flower, customers almost always gravitate to the deli-style options we have. They do not feel rushed and in this process, they can see and smell as many strains as they would like before deciding. This ensures customers walk away with exactly what they need. No Surprises ever. Just fresh, quality flower picked by you and packaged up by your favorite wacky crew.

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