Finding a Quality Cannabis Dispensary


As cannabis products are becoming more accessible across the state of Michigan, many people are interested in visiting new dispensaries for the very first time.

This may seem a little daunting for those new to the world of cannabis.

After all, People need to know that they are purchasing quality products from a reputable business.

Here are a couple tips in determining what you should expect from a reliable cannabis dispensary.


Tip # 1: Friendly & Knowledgable Budtenders

When entering a cannabis dispensary for the very first time, you should feel seen, and you should feel heard. You should feel welcome to ask any questions you may have. Any reputable business will employ friendly, and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the best products for your needs.

For example, A good budtender can narrow down strains, flavors, and product types to cater to the type of high you are after; every cannabis experience is different.

By the time you leave the shop, you should feel confident with the cannabis products you purchase.


Tip # 2: Many Options Available

When visiting a cannabis dispensary, you should have many options to choose from! After all, many cannabis lovers do not even smoke.

There are tons of options, from many different forms of edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and more! Everyone has their preferences, and regardless of what you choose, they are all wonderful options to go with!


Tip # 3: Loyalty Program

It is important that a cannabis dispensary recognizes their loyal customers and keeps them in the loop in regards to events and specials. They can do this by offering a loyalty / rewards program to the ones that continue to support their business. While it looks different for each dispensary, it may be set up as a point system. Once you reach x amount of points you then receive a discount off your next purchase.

Here at Wacky Jackz , we do offer a Loyalty/ Rewards Program! You are able to save up your points for discounts, or items such as Wacky Jackz clothing merch! In addition, Loyalty members receive a birthday coupon of 10 % off your next purchase.


Tip #4: Discounts and Specials

Even those who choose to opt out of loyalty programs should be eligible for discounts and specials. Some of the most common discounts include senior and veteran discounts.

Wacky Jackz offers a 10% discount to our seniors and veterans. In addition, our medical customers receive a 16 % discount. For those battling with terminal illness, we offer a 16% discount as well.

We believe that cannabis should be affordable and easily accessible, especially for those with medical needs.

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