Conscious and Responsible Cannabis Consumption


We care for our customers as if they are family. With that being said, it is a priority of ours to bring to everyone’s attention how important it is to be conscious and responsible when consuming cannabis products.  THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. It is what provides you with the high sensation that you feel. Using large amounts of THC can impair your judgement and coordination.

Reaction to cannabis consumption can differ from person to person depending on lots of factors. It could depend on how much THC you consume, what method you use, previous experiences with cannabis or other drugs , and even your gender.

For example, when consuming cannabis edibles in particular, they first travel to the stomach and then to the liver before getting pushed into the bloodstream and brain. The liver transforms the THC to a stronger form, which boosts the intensity and longevity of the high.

Inhaling cannabis differs in the way that it travels straight to the lungs first, you feel the effects faster but usually not as long.

So all in all , you may have a different reaction to cannabis, depending on these factors.

Even though cannabis use is legal in Michigan, there are still laws and regulations to be mindful of. For example, adults may possess and transport up to 2.5 ounces at any time ; 15g may be of concentrate.

Although many consider cannabis to be a gift from mother earth, it is still important to be mindful and responsible when consuming cannabis products.

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